Thoughts on 6 months of blogging

I’ve been writing this blog for more than half a year now. This will be the 29th post I publish.

Starting a blog in 2019 feels a bit like signing up for MySpace or posting on Usenet or some other dinosaurish internet activity. Really, I should have started a YouTube channel or tried to make it big on TikTok. Nowadays, if you want to spend hours and hours editing yourself into audience-friendly content, video seems to be the way to do it.

But, anachronistic as it may be, I’m happy I started this blog. It’s been a positive thing in my life and I’m excited to keep at it.

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I have seen John Wick 3 and here is what I think

I went to see the absurdly-titled John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum this week.

While I’ve watched the whole series, I’m not sure I’d call myself a fan. I like the action, but the assassin political intrigue leaves me cold. So, does the third film in the franchise get the balance right?

Spoilers ahead.

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