Friday ramble: Zelda, conferences and reality TV

Did I write this earlier and then forget to post it before midnight? Okay, yes. But let’s pretend it’s still Friday.

Summer is here! Except it’s the English summer, which is terrible. I’m getting reacquainted with all my favourite snuggly jumpers.

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Friday ramble: haircuts, telemarketing and city pop

I’m trying something new today! Recently this blog has felt a bit like work – I was hoping to get a post out once a week, but it’s not always easy to come up with an idea that I can churn out 1000+ words about. Also I’ve really been enjoying Nicole Cliffe’s newsletter recently, and I like how she touches on lots of topics, and it made me want to try something like that. Hopefully this will mean I can just write for fun instead of slaving over a lengthy and self-obsessed essay about my tween years which I later decide not to publish because it’s incredibly unflattering.

So. Friday ramble! Go!

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